JAGUAR 870-830

Engine + Running gear

  • High performance with economical engines
  • High pulling power and reliability.

JAGUAR 870-830

Engine + Running gear

  • High performance with economical engines
  • High pulling power and reliability.

Powerful and efficient. The engine technology.

New Mercedes-Benz engines.

CLAAS POWER SYSTEMS encompasses the full range of drive technology and matches it with the appropriate engine to form an optimally tuned drive system. This results in the highest level of efficiency available in the market.

The Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA in-line 6-cylinder engine replaces the OM 502 LA V8. With a displacement of 15.6 l across 6 cylinders, it delivers a huge amount of torque. The Mercedes-Benz OM 473 and OM 460 engines provide the best performance in this segment. They are notable for excellent reliability, low diesel consumption and high torque.

Mercedes-Benz OM 473 LA

Turbo-compound technology for OM 473 LA

Mercedes-Benz OM 460 LA

The engine is rubber mounted to the chassis to minimise noise and vibration. This means you get the best of both worlds: immense power reserves plus top driver comfort.

  • Fuel-efficient performance with low noise
  • Compliance with the statutory emissions limits
  • Steady power rise up to the ideal engine speed of 1,600 rpm
  • Additional turbo-compound technology for maximum efficiency from OM 473 LA at full load

Effective and reliable. The cooling system.


Reliable cooling.

Record-breaking performance is no excuse for breaking out in a sweat. In the JAGUAR, horizontal slab radiators provide effective cooling under all harvesting conditions. The large surface area of the radiator screen keeps air speeds down, thereby reducing dirt build-up. The screen itself is kept clean by a rotating extractor arm.

The airflow from the fan is directed past the engine and can escape practically unhindered through the large air outlet at the rear. As a result, the JAGUAR can be counted on to continue operating reliably even in extremely hot weather.


Breathing easy.

Large air filters ensure long and reliable operation. Pre-treated engine air is drawn in directly from the radiator compartment. When necessary, the filters can be removed without the need for tools and can be cleaned straight away in the field. The integrated compressor delivers 600 l of air per minute at 9.5 bar. This is sufficient to also allow air-driven tools to be operated and to supply the optional trailer braking system which is available for the JAGUAR.

Automatic and adaptable. CRUISE PILOT for the JAGUAR 870.


Making optimal use of engine capacity.

The automatic control of the ground speed by CRUISE PILOT allows the engine load to be used to the full. The operator specifies the desired engine load in CEBIS by setting the corresponding engine speed. CRUISE PILOT is activated easily by means of the control lever.

The JAGUAR now adjusts its performance to operate at the set engine load all the time. If the crop suddenly becomes more dense, the ground speed is reduced automatically. If the crop density diminishes again, the JAGUAR increases the ground speed until the preset engine output is attained. This automatic adjustment is based on the detection of the throughput and the engine load.

CRUISE PILOT is an operating mode. You choose the appropriate strategy:

  • Cruise control
  • Constant throughput
  • Engine load

You can use the HOTKEY direct menu rotary switch to adjust the selected mode in accordance with the operating conditions while the machine is running.

The advantages for you:

  • Greatly eases the operator’s workload
  • JAGUAR performs at maximum efficiency

Intelligent and efficient. DYNAMIC POWER.


Only as much power as is required.

The JAGUAR 870 and JAGUAR 860 models can be equipped with the DYNAMIC POWER automatic engine output control system.

Maximum efficiency and throughput are attained when operating at full load. In the partial load range, the engine output is reduced automatically. This makes it possible to achieve fuel savings of up to 10.6%.

DYNAMIC POWER adjusts the engine output optimally to the field conditions in ten steps. This ensures that you are always operating in the most efficient engine speed range.

  • Save diesel during partial-load operation
  • Economical, consistent working with cruise control

Reliable, high pulling power. The running gear.


Huge reserves.

NEW: An increase in the system pressure adds another 11% to the tractive force of the powerful hydrostatic ground drive. This means that you can call on huge reserves of power, even in the most challenging conditions. A harvesting speed of up to 16.8 km/h is possible in first gear. The small turning radius and increased ground clearance of the new JAGUAR 800 series make it extremely manoeuvrable.

Active header damping.

The active vibration damping function suppresses movements of the front attachment extremely effectively, thereby making your progress from one job to the next much smoother. Vibration damping is activated automatically when, for example, the front attachment is raised (above working height) when turning at the headland.


Economical on the road.

The electronic ground drive control automatically regulates the engine speed and matches it exactly to the required output. This cuts fuel consumption noticeably and minimises noise levels.


Mechanical all-wheel drive.

Under difficult working conditions, the electrohydraulically activated four-wheel drive provides maximum traction. The power is transferred directly to the rear axle via a drive shaft.


Rear camera: improved view when reversing.

If the JAGUAR is equipped with an optional rear camera, the view from it is shown automatically on the CEBIS monitor when reverse is selected with the control lever. This allows trailers to be coupled safely and improves the operator's view of the surroundings.

Quick and straightforward. Unique maintenance concept.

Guaranteed durability.

Every minute counts in the short forage harvesting period. Time-consuming maintenance work is a nuisance and also a cost factor, since it reduces the number of productive hours – and also your profit margin. The automatic central lubrication system and combined grinding and shear-bar adjustment function are just two examples of how maintenance times can be reduced and operating times boosted. In addition, you also experience increased reliability during the season with highly wear-resistant components used throughout the crop flow of the JAGUAR. So your JAGUAR is always right where it belongs: out in the field, doing what it does best – working hard.


Extremely maintenance-friendly design.

  • Once the housing has been opened, you have a perfect view of the knives and shear bar
  • It takes just ten minutes to separate the chopping cylinder and the intake on the JAGUAR
  • Important engine maintenance is carried out quickly; all service points can be accessed easily from all four sides
  • The automatic central lubrication unit with storage for eight litres of grease is sufficient for around 120 hours of operation
  • Large side panels with a new opening system allow unrestricted access to the cooling system, the Corncracker and the accelerator
  • The Corncracker can be removed quickly and easily
  • If maintenance is required, the accelerator can also be removed by two people in the space of an hour
  • The on-board compressed air supply can be used for many different cleaning tasks
  • The service lighting makes it possible to carry out maintenance work during the hours of darkness, too